Melody Renee’

Melody Renee’
Birth name
Melody Renee'
Detroit, Michigan
Hip Hop, Pop, R&B

Melody Reneé

A R&B/Pop artist stationed out in Brooklyn New York. Originally from Detroit, she brings a sultry and yet majestic vibe to the industry. Melody Reneé has always remained fiercely driven and focused on her dreams despite the hardships and obstacles she overcame at such a young age. Melody Reneé an accomplished female artist and entrepreneur, She recently launched her multimedia company GVO Productions.
Currently, Melody Renee’s single titled,” Daydreaming” tells us a story about being so in love with someone, to the point that “your always Daydreaming”.

Only from starting in April of 2015, Melody Renee continues to work steadily on her EP coming soon. Continuing to give good vibes so that she will receive them. She embraces any and all of life’s challenges and continues to follow her personal philosophy of loving and living life uninhibited, Melody remains modest, down-to-earth, and is actively involved in human rights. She believes everyone deserves to be happy and free to be unique and liberated. Her positive attitude and her philosophy on life have kept her grounded and have propelled her and continues to carry her every step of the way.

” Keep your refrigerator locked; I’m a new artist and I’m hungry.” – Melody Reneé

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