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Born Simone Clinton, December 2nd, 1985 on the island of Barbados, West Indies, MONE was five years old when she moved to the United States with her family.  Raised in Bedstuy, Brooklyn MONE is the daughter of a NYC lawyer and a very supportive mother.  Way back before she could remember, MONE had a love of music.  At the age of seven she heard the Biggie Smalls song “Gimme the Loot” and fell in love with hip hop, while taking notes of his notorious flow and punch lines. In her early teens and twenties she was becoming an incredible freestyler and molding into a great song writer.  MONE won many freestyle battles during college and had most of the upstate region tuned into her music.  

   She attended college in upstate NY building a studio, and recording music in her dorm room at Plattsburgh State University. Her fan base was growing by each freestyle competition she won but her money was running low. MONE became well connected with drug dealers in the area and started selling crack cocaine. She was caught in the fabulous lifestyle of the wealthy and powerful.  At her height she owned several homes, multiple cars and could afford to book several tour dates for her rapping ventures.  In 2006 her life changed forever.  She, alongside many other local dealers were swept up in a huge drug and guns bust.   MONE was charged and sentenced to prison where she served a total of five years. During that time she became motivated more than ever and kept writing more songs.  Her motivation was to change her life around and express her pain, anger, and frustration in life through music.  She didn’t let the hard time of prison break her but let it mold her into a force to be reckoned with on the microphone.  During her time behind bars she perfected her song writing skills and was planning her come back to the music industry.

      MONE wanted a music label deal but most of the deals on the table were dead end 360 deals. She decided instead to go the independent route and started her own publishing company named, FAMFIRST MUSIC GROUP PUBLISHING (via Good2bllc.) in 2013.   Her music was being heard all over the industry and also got a co-sign by DJ Pro Style. She was signing upcoming artists but took a break from music to get back on her feet. She started a successful cleaning business that brought in a good amount of revenue. MONE then went back to her first love. She has tunnel vision focus and will not let any obstacle stop her from achieving greatness.

 The challenge she faces most is being a female rapper in a music industry dominated by males. Also being an openly proud lesbian and not being afraid to be who she is.  She knows her music will touch those who can relate to her pain and will motivate those to be proud of who they are no matter their life style choice.  Her music style is mostly compared to artists like NAS, J COLE, TUPAC, KENDRICK LAMAR & THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. MONE’s music will unlock the listeners third eye and enter them into a world of genius provided by her given moniker The Ghetto Masterpiece.

The mixtapes she previously released were making news on an international level. One of her mixtapes called R.N.S has people craving more of her music to this day. The remix she did to Kanye West’s “Blood On The Leaves” ( left people in awe of her wordplay and delivery. They haven’t heard a female rapper rap with so much passion, cadence, & conviction. She can switch flows like a light switch and rap with or out a beat. On the microphone she can work a crowd and will have all eyes on her performance. MONE’s newest mixtape “Pheromone” already has great reviews from different hip hop outlets. She is never afraid to pour her heart and soul into her music.  MONE is currently working on her first album entitled “The God Complex”. The album is about her taking her rightful place on the throne and bringing hip hop back to the feeling.

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