PreGame Radio

PreGame Radio hosted by Brooklyn Black and Hoffa

PreGame Radio is the premiere show on the network. Launched 4/10/2010 , the show’s host Brooklyn Black wanted to bring a show to the public that kept them informed about current events as well as showcase some of the hottest independent Hip-Hop , R&B artists not only in New York City, but across the United States and globally. The initial five shows featured interviews and conversations with blogger Queena Swords and independent hip-hop artists Pro Dillinger and Nobi of GrittyLyf. In 2010, Brooklyn Black enlisted the help of co-hosts: Ebone, LadySteele, Tasha B and Jay the Tech Guy.

In 2012, PreGame started to expand with the launch of his Ladies’ Night Series, where the co-hosts of PreGame Radio take over the show without Brooklyn Black or Jay the Tech Guy. It was this series which showed the uncanny chemistry of Ebone, Tasha B and LadySteele while showcasing the network’s next breakout star in LadySteele.

Over the next four years, PreGame Radio has expanded into a network with anywhere between 4-5 different shows occupying 5 days a week with Brooklyn Black, new cohost Hoffa and PreGame Radio in its flagship spot of Fridays and Saturday nights. In 2014, PreGame Radio has hit their highest accolade to date by being nominated in two categories in the Xtreme 104FM’s All-Star Music Awards for Best Internet Radio Show and Best Internet Radio Station. PreGame Radio has also been credited with inspiring other internet podcast/ radio shows.

With epic episodes such as the face off between Ebone and guest Amanda , to Brooklyn Black’s  compelling interview with Kyjuan of the St. Lunatics and his highly reviewed interview with Turk of the Hot Boy$. PreGame Radio has shown that it can stand the tests of time.

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